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  Sunday 28 August 2016
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About CRP

The Complaints Resolution Panel (CRP) is an example of a partnership between government and non-government stakeholders to exercise controls. The membership of the Panel consists of representatives from industry, consumers, advertising agencies, healthcare professionals and government. It is chaired by a person elected by the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code Council.

The CRP is part of a system of advertising arrangements for therapeutic goods designed to ensure public health and safety while allowing a dynamic and fair environment for the manufacturing of products. These arrangements control promotional messages and general information about products to the public and are in place to ensure that all communications are truthful, valid and not mis-leading, such as by arousing unwarranted expectations or downplaying possible risks.

All advertisements for therapeutic goods and generic information about therapeutic goods must comply with provisions of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code, the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 and the Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990.

All advertisements for therapeutic goods broadcast on television or radio, exhibited in cinema, published or inserted in newspapers or magazines or displayed, such as in shopping malls (but not inside shops) on billboards, bus shelters, bus sides and interiors and taxi displays, require formal approval. Print and display advertisements must display the approval number.

Approval is not required for advertisements about therapeutic devices or for generic information.

The Panel considers all complaints made, including complaints about advertisements that have been approved before publication. It decides whether or not the complaint is justified based on the materials each party has provided and the results of its own enquiries.

To ensure fairness, each party to the complaint is given an opportunity to provide a written submission to the Panel. This process is set out in the Complaints Resolution Panel procedures.

Panel meetings are held monthly. After each party to the complaint has been notified of the final determination, the determination is made publicly available and is posted on this website under "Complaints Register".

It should also be noted that the observer to the Panel appointed by the TGA may be entitled to use any information provided to the Panel (whether confidential or not) pursuant to section 61(8) of the Therapeutic Goods Act.